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Posted: 23 Feb 2024


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Posted: 23 Feb 2024


HM signal v3.0 (High momentum) spotted. Looking good with previous wave up with increasing volume and momentum.

- Heathy retracement and support well at good level @ 26.40-26.83
- Trending slow and steady if able to hold above the support zone

It is at extremely good reward to risk level now if able to hold above the support level.

Conflux 510% Bullish Wave Now Closer

Posted: 23 Feb 2024

Conflux 510% Bullish Wave Now Closer


This is the same chart I shared just a month ago and I have to tell you it looks better now.

Whenever you see a pair and after three weeks, a month or two, the chart remains the same, as in sideways movement or consolidation, the bias strengthens.

Initially we saw a bullish bias on CFXBTC (Clonfux), based on the fact that it established a strong support.

Right now, a month later, support continues to hold and the daily action is moving above EMA50 and EMA10; the bullish breakout gets closer by the day.

👉 The top target for this jump is set at 0.00002923 based on Fib. extension or 510%... But remember to secure profits on the way up.

Thank you for reading.


BTC One more dip?

Posted: 23 Feb 2024

BTC One more dip?

Looking at the 4 hour BTC chart there seems to be some confluence one range below that may be a leading indication of the next week or so.

With that said BTC is in a massive tear to the upside. While shorting it may be profitable if we see a dip
it may be better to view this as a point to potentially accumulate with a invalidation just below the main trend.

Looking at the low of one equal size range below and the point at which it crosses the main macro up trend there some confluece with pulling a curve from range high across todays high.

Wave trend oscillator has been trending down days and looks like downward momentum should cuminate at the same time. Money flow has also been trending down and would be reaching the zero line at the same location where if still uptrending would likely bounce.

Current Trading Plan:
Cautiously short the potential drop with intent to reaccumulate. Cautiously as in watching for brake of the curve, bounce at the bottom of the range, and considering where price is when we reach these time periods.

Trade Well
Your Friend,

Just bitcoin prediction

Posted: 23 Feb 2024

Just bitcoin prediction

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

ANALYSIS it could go up or down. Its just in accumulation phase now wait for full signal

BTCUSDT: Uptrend support

Posted: 23 Feb 2024

BTCUSDT: Uptrend support


Dear friend, what do you think about the movement of BTCUSDT towards the end of this week?

Since the price approached the $54,000 level, it has been consistently moving sideways at a high level. However, by looking at the chart, we should consider the breakout levels around $48,908 (Fibonacci 0.618) and $47,629 (Fibonacci 0.5). At the same time, the EMA technical indicator continues to support the upward trend of this cryptocurrency.

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